суббота, 13 октября 2012 г.

Rat Adviser

I have  some  ideas  about rats...mistique and funny .My new doll -Adviser.From polymer  clay, black  fur,7" toll.For eBay  or some  collectors .......

четверг, 11 октября 2012 г.

Purple Troll Long Fingers

My new Doll......Purple Troll..WITH Loooooooong Fingerssssssssssss......
 I made him  from my original design  and sketch, from  polymer clay, red fur,all fingers  with  wire  skeleton  inside, painted fro acrylic  colors.
I putt  Him on eBay now-WELCOM!!!

вторник, 2 октября 2012 г.

"Witch " Art Doll


Doll created  from Br.Grimm fairytale  "Hansel  and Gretel ", all clothes  painted  by hands .

"Storyteller " Art Doll

I created  him  from  Andersen  fairytale .All clothes  painted  and decorated  by hands .Inkwell-polymer clay.

"Edward Freak " Art Doll

Edward Freak  with Bony Clown  and Mouse  in a Hat. (IN PRIVATE  COLLECTION )
All clothes  painted from batik  colors  and decorated  by hands .

*Marsh Woman " Art Doll

I created  doll from Andersen fairytale. Animation  Doll. Skirt  painted  by hands with batik  colors.(In private  collection ) 


"The Emperors New Clothes " Art Doll

I created  doll from Andersen  fairytale.

And some pictures  about  process :

Dragon & Troll

Two whimsical doll: soft Dragon with mobile arms, legs,head and mini Troll with Fish on a head and bag on a Tongue. *IN PRIVATE COLLECTION

"Rat Housekeeper" art doll

Rat Housekeeper made from polymer clay and covered on a glue with alpaca  yarn .(in private  collection )

"Little Home Vampire" animation doll OOAK

I made doll with animation skeleton, his  fingers  mobile  too. In privat collection

Gnome on an Apple

 In private  collection

*Land Owner * Art Doll

 Doll created from story "The dead  ghosts" by Russian  Writer  Nicolas Gogol (In private  collection )

Pillow Troll

Doll  for couch  decoration with  face  and feet  from polymer clay, very funny and cosy....(In private collection)