суббота, 21 декабря 2013 г.

Sleeping Elf

Sleeping  Elf is very funny doll,in cozy flees clothes,sleepers and loooooong night head....

Check out StretchClock. It is a break reminder that shows yoga exercises you can do at your desk.

Check out StretchClock. It is a break reminder that shows yoga exercises you can do at your desk.
Very unusual program for any body who like work on chair or couch near computer all day!!! Very recommend!!!

вторник, 1 октября 2013 г.

Halloween coming!

"The Pumpkin King with Pumpkin Nose": "... When Don went outside, noticed that the pumpkin, which yesterday was young and green, has grown to epic proportions, and.... began to appear on the pumpkin of a human face ......" ("The Urban legends").   

All fabrics for clothe dyed, painted, decorated  (with glass beads) and sewed by hands; sculpted by hands from my original idea and sketch.Certified.

"The Pumpkin Brothers" 
Dolls created from  my original idea, imaginations and sketch .Certified.

суббота, 21 сентября 2013 г.

The Lord of Halloween

This is my new doll named "The Lord of Halloween". It's a Fall and Halloween Spirit..... Completely hand made doll.Sculpted from polymer clay, no mold. All fabrics dyed, painted,decorated and sewed bu hands; 14" toll. Sold in private collection (Japan)

понедельник, 5 августа 2013 г.

Dear Friends!!!

....and Dear Friends!!! I am looking for people who are interested in my dolls and figures for industrial production to offer my troll dolls as collector's doll, and my watercolors for printing wall calendars. Please show my art work to your friends and acquaintances for business work with me. Thank you to all!! Marina

"The Royal Walk"

....This is my new doll, opens a series of funny troll dolls called "Horticultural Trolls." And why not? These funny little trolls live in the garden and in the kitchen garden, wear bright colored clothes. Of course they are all created in my imagination! Now I want to show them to you. This Little Troll-King walks through the garden early in the morning with a little dog in his arms .....
I  sculpted doll from polymer clay, by hands-NO mold and all fabrics dyed< sewed and decorated by hands/
Doll SOLD in private collection. 
For more information about my artwork, send e-mail,please! 

среда, 24 июля 2013 г.

"The master of The Funeral Business (Mortician) and His dog" Gothic Whimsical art doll

"... sometimes witnesses  met at a cemetery in Europe hunchbacked old man. He is dressed in a strange old clothes, with long hairs, with unusual staff...with him always accompanied  a large Dog ... He was nicknamed "The Master of The Funeral Service" (Mortician)" People who saw the ghost,  said: "He is looking for someone to" ... Do not you, right? ...

суббота, 13 июля 2013 г.

Urban Witch


Created from real stories about Ghosts....
All fabrics dyed and decorated by hands; Doll is sculpted by hands from polymer clay,NO mod and in single copy only.

пятница, 12 июля 2013 г.

My Whimsical Watercolors

'The Season of The Rain"

watercolor, watercolor paper

"Yellow Rabbit"


Freaks with Scared Toys



.....and Some Witches.....

"Semeterial Witch" Created from real story from old lady named Amy (UK)
Of course, all fabrics painted by hands....It's very interesting wor

Kitchen Witch with Coffee Grinder

Before I created Her I think about color.....One of the most enigmatic and mysterious colors, no doubt, is purple. This color is covered many stories and legends, it is in purple dress clothes all the magicians and wizards.

 Purple color of the clothes prefer romantic nature and deep, inclined to find the meaning of life and the structure of the universe. These people dream about the discoveries about self-improvement and knowledge of the mysteries of the universe. The bright purple shades help to cope with the sadness and the "prose of life."

Witch Fuamnach and Her Dog, created from Celtic legends

Some Trolls.......

"Troll with Candle Stand"

Doll created from polymer clay, ALL fabrics and fur dyed, sewed and decorated by hands,9" toll